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Song Premiere: Jhett Black “Long Haired Country Boy”

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Jhett Black – “Long Haired Country Boy”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jhett Black’s version of the Charlie Daniels song “Long Haired Country Boy” from his forthcoming album.  The album was engineered and mixed by Jhett Black and Bad Temper Joe; and mastered by Glenn Halverson of Sonic Hill Studios, and will be released by Rumblestump Entertainment.

This version of “Long Haired Country Boy” is Jhett Black on vocals and guitar, with Bad Temper Joe on lap steel.  This version of the song is haunting and a “must – listen” as it takes the song’s intent in a totally different musical direction.   Slow and low, acoustic strings and then later, lap steel, take the stage.  This is the way covers should be — unique and widely distinct from the original.

This song is was an off-the-cuff collaboration between Joe and I. We’ve been staying in touch since meeting at the 2022 International Blues Challenge and making a few collaborations on Instagram. I was running sound for an outlaw country band in Roswell, New Mexico and thought that some of those songs deserved a little injection of soul and blues rhythms. Joe was down, and also looks the part so here we are. The video is just a montage of my brother-in-law, Randy Winzler being himself up in the mountains of Utah. I could only think of him when I sang, which is maybe why you can hear me smile through most of the lyrics. – Jhett Black

Find the music here: http://smithmusic.ffm.to/662582115925

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