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Song Premiere: Vinnie Paolizzi “Cairo”

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Vinnie Paolizzi – “Cairo”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Vinnie Paolizzi’s song “Cairo” from his forthcoming album, The Vinnie Paolizzi LP, due to be available on Friday.  It was produced by Mike Harris; co-produced and mixed by Oran Thornton; engineered by Alex Saddic and mastered by Joe Causey. The songs were recorded at Hartland Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Photos on the album are courtesy of Brooke Stevens, with album and single art by Chris Canterbury.

“Cairo” is Vinnie Paolizzi on acoustic guitar and vocals; Mike Harris on electric guitar and vocals; Jerry Pentecost (Amanda Shires) on drums; Mr. Jimmy Rowland on keyboards; Michael Rinne on bass.

The acoustic guitar is thoughtful, the message of the town that makes sense to leave is something we can all understand.  Counting on your car and a little luck, and being “one flat tire away from being stuck” describes the American dream for a lot of us right now.  That, and the promise to try to do right by our loved ones.  Very sparsely arranged, giving you plenty of space to listen and think.

I made my last EP Private Sky in Springfield Missouri with the last $4,000 I had. On the way home I drove through Cairo, IL, a classic speed trap town that goes from a 45 to a 30 in the blink of an eye. They got me going 47 and with a ticket for $175, I was on my way. A while later I was thinking about some folks in my life who reached a breaking point and just left their hometown one day, seemingly out of nowhere. I thought a ticket like that could be someone’s breaking point and Cairo is the perfect place to leave. I played, wrote and sang every note of this song on my own so it holds a special place for me on the album. – Vinnie Paolizzi

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