Jim Lauderdale, Crazy Like a Fox

As is sometimes the case when going in the studio, Jim Lauderdale is prone to call friend and co-writer Odie Blackmon with a question.  “Hey Odie, do we have anything?” For Lauderdale’s new album From Another World, Blackmon responded with a yes, reminding his friend that they had written “When You Can’t Have What You […]

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Vintage Radio Broadcasts Showcase Country Legend Hank Williams; Plus Chris & Adam Carroll, Michaela Anne, Glenna Bell, and Shaun Johnson

I stopped taking the word “complete” seriously after I shelled out big bucks for the 10-CD Complete Hank Williams in 1998, only to discover a flood of material from him that the box didn’t include. First, I encountered the two-disc Health & Happiness Shows, which had been issued five years earlier; then came such albums […]

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The Rolling Stones Pull Another One from the Vaults; Plus the Grateful Dead and Procol Harum

The Rolling Stones have been mining their extensive vaults consistently of late, most recently to unearth such gems as an expanded version of Rock & Roll Circus and 50th anniversary editions of Beggars Banquet and Their Satanic Majesties Request. Now comes Bridges to Bremen, which delivers a 1998 concert from Bremen, Germany. The gig took place […]

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