A Turning Point for Marty Stuart, Plus Sweet Lizzy Project, Phast Phreddie, & Grant Peeples

“In the same way the Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments, Marty Stuart’s musical career is divided into everything that came before 1999 and everything that came after. The dividing line is The Pilgrim, Stuart’s 10th studio album.” So writes music historian Scott Bomar in a preface to the book that accompanies […]

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An Essential Hank Williams Compilation, Plus Mick Kolassa and Letitia VanSant

The latest evidence that 1998’s The Complete Hank Williams is erroneously titled is Pictures from Life’s Other Side, a six-CD, 144-track collection of performances from the country legend’s 1951 radio show on Nashville’s WSM. (These are commonly known as the Mother’s Best recordings, because the Mother’s Best Flour Company sponsored the 15-minute programs.) Much of […]

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Pink Floyd: We Don’t Need No Roger Waters, Plus Seamus Egan and Big Mike & the R & B Kings

If you’re looking for an anthology with enough heft to do double duty as a doorstop, look no further: like Pink Floyd’s The Early Years, its just-released follow-up, The Later Years, fits in a ton of material, including five CDs, six Blu-rays, five DVDs, and two vinyl singles. Also featured are two hardcover books (one containing photos, […]

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