Debbie Harry Faces History and Her Fans

(photo by Chris Stein)  “Let’s face it,” Debbie Harry concludes in her recent memoir Face It. “I’ve had one fuck of an interesting life and I plan to go on having one.” On one of the last nights of her book tour, the author, actor and punk pioneer was sitting center stage at the historic […]

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The Doors’ Soft Parade Turns 50; Plus Jerry Leger, Swans, and Specialty Records

Asked to name a favorite Doors album, many fans would pick the group’s eponymous 1967 debut, 1970’s Morrison Hotel, or 1971’s L.A. Woman. Some might vote for 1967’s Strange Days or 1968’s Waiting for the Sun. Few, one suspects, would point to 1969’s The Soft Parade, the group’s fourth album, which is widely seen as a bit of a misstep because it frequently eschews the Doors’ trademark hard […]

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Springsteen Revisits ‘Western Stars’, Plus Rampart Records’ Singles, the Revelers, and New Riders of the Purple Sage

Bruce Springsteen’s moving and mesmerizing Western Stars, which I reviewed when it came out less than five months ago, enjoyed the success it deserved, though it perhaps wasn’t “#1 on charts in every continent on earth,” as a recent press release claimed. (They have record charts in Antarctica?) Now Springsteen has taken the unusual step […]

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