REVIEW: GA-20 Adds a Rock Twist to Traditional Blues on ‘Lonely Soul’

Boston may seem an unlikely source for a blues band. It’s certainly not the first location you think of when you think about the blues. However, on the new album Lonely Soul (Colemine Records), Matthew Stubbs (Charlie Musselwhite’s longtime guitarist) and Pat Faherty of GA-20 show that you don’t need southern roots to play the […]

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REVIEW: Wet Tuna’s “Water Weird” Pushes the Psychedelic Edge of Countrified Blues

Wet Tuna’s Water Weird finds Matt Valentine and Pat Gubler (PG Six) pushing the psychedelic edge of electrified country blues. Self-described, “brothers of the steel-string,” Matt and Pat dig deep into traditional folk-blues motifs to establish a solid foundation for their otherworldly excursions. In addition to the duo at the core of Wet Tuna, Water […]

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REVIEW: Mike Oberst “Six Feet of Earth” is Anarchistic Folk, Steeped in Tradition, Yet Fueled with a Punk Attitude

Every now and then and album comes to you somewhat unexpectedly, and proceeds to unequivocally blow your mind. I listen to a really wide swath of music, and at least most recently that phenomenon has really only occurred with music on the heavier or much more eclectic side. Bands like Yob, Ancestors or even Billie […]

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