Wasteland Bait & Tackle: Statues

By James McMurtry Our President cares an awful lot about statues commemorating officers of the losing side of our civil war, a conflict that occurred before either side of his immigrant family reached our shores. He’s not known for admiring those he calls LOSERS!, and he has no roots in the conflict. My father and […]

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John Prine

John Prine I was sitting in one of those posture destroying school chairs in seventh grade when I first heard him. It was 1978. For some odd reason school administrative district number 35 offered a few elective class choices every Friday. I suppose the hippies were teaching by then and we were offered up a […]

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Tour Diary: Warm Beer and Castles: Jeremiah Johnson on 2020 European Tour

Americana Highways brings you Jeremiah Johnson’s 2020 European Tour Diary, ahead of his forthcoming album release for Heavens to Betsy (Ruf Records). Follow along with weekly updates until it’s over! https://www.jeremiahjohnsonband.com 1/27/2020 – 11pm Central Time So here I am sitting at the terminal at St Louis Lambert International Airport watching all the different people […]

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