Maggie Rose

Interview: Maggie Rose Timely Third Album “Have a Seat” Turns on Listening and Being Heard

Maggie Rose photo by Ford Fairchild Maggie Rose’s Timely Third Album ‘Have a Seat’ Turns on Listening and Being Heard Maggie Rose’s new studio album, Have a Seat, arrives on August 20th from Starstruck Records and takes us even further into her multi-genre interests, bringing in plenty of Blues, Soul, and R&B sound in keeping […]

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Dallas Burrow

Interview: Dallas Burrow

What would we do differently if we knew then what we know now? For singer-songwriter Dallas Burrow, who’s latest self-titled album was released on July 23, he’d make sure to tell his day-dreaming self to buckle up and enjoy the ride, because no destination is worth reaching unless you experience the intricacies of the journey […]

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Rachel Garlin

Interview: Rachel Garlin Reflects on Openness During Closed Times with ‘The State That We Are In’

Rachel Garlin’s LP Mondegreens arrived as a welcome balm during the early days of the pandemic and was already associated with her “sidewalk sessions” playing music in front of her home in San Francisco as a way to reach out to her community. The songwriting continued, though, not only unabated but at an increased pace […]

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Nobody's Girl

Interview: Rebecca Loebe Talks Shared Songwriting In Power Trio Nobody’s Girl

Nobody’s Girl photo credit to: Valerie Fremin Nobody’s Girl is a powerful team-up of three Austin-based solo artists, including BettySoo, Rebecca Loebe, and Grace Pettis. Originally intended as live performance tour where each would play their own solo work with a little support from the others as needed, the group fell into a songwriting experiment […]

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Joe Puleo

Interview: Inside Joe Puleo and Ken Stringfellow’s Radical Collaboration ‘Ten Years To Home’

Ken Stringfellow Imagines Joe Puleo: Ten Years To Home Tales of musical collaboration are potentially very interesting since every human being brings their own set of experiences and assumptions to the table that can form unpredictable but intriguing interrelationships when it comes to creating songs, but the story of Joe Puleo and Ken Stringfellow’s collaboration […]

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Alyssa Coco

Interview: Roses and Revolutions’ Alyssa Coco Celebrates “Coffee” and Creating Two EPs for 2021

Alyssa Coco photo credit to: Will Cornfield   Roses and Revolutions had an epic 2019, surviving their first headlining tour with aplomb and charting out their next stage of songwriting. The impact of the music industry shutting down in 2020 was sudden for them and quite a contrast with the momentum they’d been building, but […]

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Chris Robley

Interview: Chris Robley Finds “Beauty In The Collective” With ‘A Filament In The Wilderness of What Comes Next’

Chris Robley Chris Robley is a prolific songwriter and poet currently residing in Portland, Maine, though he hails from the Pacific Northwest which is where he started making music. In recent years he’s been particularly focused on words and the way they work in music, falling in love “again” with Americana and Roots music with […]

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