Gangstagrass: The opposite of polarization: How we transcend cultural divides with dope beats, bars, and a bunch of banjo

By Gangstagrass with photo by Janet Mami Takayama The idea of unity through music may be a cliche, but for a cross-racial, cross-genre band like ours it’s what we do every day. It’s what we are. We play a style of music that a lot of people haven’t heard, a style many of them are […]

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John Prine

John Prine I was sitting in one of those posture destroying school chairs in seventh grade when I first heard him. It was 1978. For some odd reason school administrative district number 35 offered a few elective class choices every Friday. I suppose the hippies were teaching by then and we were offered up a […]

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Artist Essay – The Long Story of Writing No Place to Go – The First Single From The Innocent Bystanders Upcoming Album – Book of Life

I know that there are people who just write songs. Write them by the dozens, record them, and try to sell them for placements in movies and TV shows or to independent film makers. I admire these song writers. I’m jealous. I’d love to do what they do. But I can’t. I’m at the opposite […]

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