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New Songs on the Road Map — October 2022


New Songs on the Road Map — October 2022

Here’s a monthly roundup of only a small handful of the very beautiful and interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Tommy Alexander, “Feelings.” Anguished, emotional, electric and moody. A really unique blend that’ll warm your soul.  From his new album also titled Feelings, available here:

Melissa Carper “Hit Or Miss.”  She has nailed a winning formula to bring a big warm grin to fans in the Americana world. Her new album is Ramblin’ Soul.  Order it for yourself, here:

Calling Cadence “Burn These Blues (Acoustic).”  It’s such a hollow feeling, hating the love you’re missing.”  Tapping into something we ALL can relate to, with a gentle Americana touch.


Julian Taylor “Stolen Lands.”  Intelligent, thoughtul and poetic lyrics spotlighting injustices that hit you in the gut and make you want to fight harder for what’s right.


June Star “Here We Are.” Pedal steel, acoustic guitar, and mandolin and a sad story — the perfect Americana recipe.  Gritty, emotive vocals.  From their forthcoming album.  Find more details here:


Lauren Minear “Invisible Woman.”  Sometimes you need to bust out and run screaming into the woods with abandon. This song is about those moments.  From her new album with the same title.  Find more information here:

Road Map — October 2022

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