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REVIEW: Tommy Alexander “Feelings”


Tommy Alexander has just released a new album, Feelings, which was produced and engineered by Andrija Tokic at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, and released on Fluff and Gravy.

 Gather around the campfire for the first anthemic song “If I Only Knew.” With lines like “you’d stop tearing yourself apart,” it’s confessional and steeped in the electrified air of a confidante.

“Silence” has a rock anthemic, dark introspective atmosphere and features Chris Scruggs with less of his usual folksy, country styles. Haunting backing vocals by Maureen Murphy, Nickie Conley, and Kyshona Armstrong elevate this one too.

 “Florida Sun” morphs a carousel vibe into a moody waltz as he submits to the blindness and keeps driving all night — figuratively. “Something Light” lifts the darkness musical but cont get too whimsical — Alexander’s deadpan, Johnny Cash – esque vocals on this one will still give you chills.

“Dear Catalina” brings the country dance hall back, with a country swing and some sweet violin by Billy Contreras and dirty junk drum kit courtesy of Andrija Tokic.

What sets this apart from a more typical songwriter’s album is its layers of symphonic strings and atmospheric production style. But the writing, while moody, is complex and human.

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Musicians on the album are Tommy Alexander on vocals and guitar; Chris Scruggs on steel, electric and acoustic guitar; Dillon Watson on electric guitars; Jack Lawrence on bass; Meg Coleman on bongos and drums; backing vocals by Maureen Murphy, Nickie Conley, & Kyshona Armstrong; Jo Schornikow on piano and keyboards; Billy Contreras on fiddle; and Andrija Tokic on junk drum kit.

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