Album Premiere: June Star “How We See It Now”

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Americana Highways is pleased to host this premiere stream of June Star‘s album How We See It Now, due to be available on Friday.  How We See It Now was produced by Bunky Hunt; recorded at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore; engineered by J Robbins and mixed by Andrew Grimm and J Robbins; then mastered by Pete Lyman.

Musicians on the album are Andrew Grimm on vocals and guitars (acoustic, baritone, electric, and electric XII); Dave Hadley on pedal steel; Ryan Finnerin on bass; Katie Feild on vocals and acoustic guitar; Brian Simms on keyboards; Mike Kuhl drums and percussion; with Gordon Withers on cello and Bunky Hunt on harmonies and hand claps.

June Star is that band you won’t believe you’re just now hearing about.  With a bulls-eye Americana style, thoughtful lyrics, brilliant guitar, and the most gentle heartfelt harmonies you’ve ever heard, you’re sure to put June Star on repeat. They’ll make you cry the best cathartic tears.  Dig through the back catalogue, and plan to go see them in the new fangled distancing era.

“How We See It Now” is the first record where we pooled our collective skills to collaborate. Usually I’m in the driver’s seat for most of our records, but because of all our pandemic isolation we really craved interaction. This was the easiest record to make in our catalog. Fortunately, there was no Real Housewives of June Star tension. These are songs about love, forgetfulness, enlightenment, regret, hope, and forgiveness– all the things we’ve been thinking about in the past year.” – Andrew Grimm, June Star

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