Song Premiere: Melissa Carper “Makin’ Memories”

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Americana Highways hereby presents this premiere of Melissa Carper’s song “Makin’ Memories” from her forthcoming album Daddy’s Country Gold (out 3/19/21).  The song will be available on January 22.  The album was co-produced by Dennis Crouch and Andrija Tokic; recorded at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN.  Beneath the song is a bonus video of the making of the song.

“Makin’ Memories” is Melissa Carper on vocals; Brennen Leigh on backing vocals; Dennis Crouch on upright bass; Chris Scruggs on guitars and steel guitar; Jeff Taylor on piano and organ; and Matty Meyer on drums and percussion.

As a dish cooked up with the spice of many talented hands, there rightfully should be a line out the door to sample this new album by Melissa Carper.  And it’ll meet all your expectations for a classic country music with a dose of carefree humor.

With ‘Makin’ Memories,’ the idea came from a conversation I was having with a friend and they were joking about ‘Makin’ memories and keepin’ your memories.’ I thought it was funny and a good song idea as I could relate with many bar shows played in my youth where memories were foggy. This is just a lighthearted song that hopefully makes people chuckle. I do now look forward to making memories that I can keep. I love Frank Sinatra and this song happened to take on a bit of that Sinatra flair. 

Andrija had some cool tricks up his sleeve. He sped up the tape on one song while I overdubbed a background vocal, then he slowed it back down and it sounded like I had a lower man’s voice who I credit as Mel Carpenter. Mel also got to say ‘cotton’ in ‘Makin Memories.’ Andrija said next time I can record an entire album this way, as Mel Carpenter.  — Melissa Carper 

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