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REVIEW: Monster Mike Welch “Nothing But Time”


Monster Mike Welch has released a new album, Nothing But Time, which resonates as a remarkable homage to the blues genre.

The practice of performing in the blues genre dates back to the days of some of the earliest Americana music. The genre emerged in the American South in the days following the Civil War. Along with this, the twelve-bar format, commonly used in the blues even today, soon followed. In this way, the blues is one of the most traditional and truly American genres we have.

So, it’s a real treat to listen to Monster Mike Welch performing the blues. His lyrical mastery within the tracks of Nothing But Time is accompanied by his guitar licks and riffs. In turn, this gives us insight into how masterful he is within the genre.

A few of the tracks on Nothing But Time that stood out to us include the following:

  • “If I Had Posession Over Judgement Day”, the album’s second track, follows in the footsteps of the first track, “Walking To You Baby.” The stanza format for both tracks is the aforementioned twelve-bar format. However, unlike that track, this one has a higher tempo and energy, lending itself to more than just easy listening. This is a track that would be pretty great to dance to in comparison.
  • “I Me Mine,” the fourth track on Nothing But Time, is a cover of a song from The Beatles‘ album Let It Be. Mike Welch rearranges the instrumentation to make it fit in with his accompaniment, and it works! In this way, Monster Mike Welch makes it his own.
  • “In Case You Care,” the seventh track on this album, has a larger-than-life brass section that pulls the track together. However, it is made even stronger by the electric guitar that features at the forefront of the song.
  • The eleventh track of Nothing But Time, “Jump For Joy,” feels really good to listen to. Mike Welch’s lyrics are a positive, faithful kind. Furthermore, the piano, guitar, and brass sections all coalesce into something special here.

Monster Mike Welch has a strong grasp of what blues means to many of its fans. As such, we’d recommend Nothing But Time to anyone who wants to begin to delve into that meaning as well.

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