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Video Premiere: Richard March “Let the Winter Come”

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Richard March – “Let the Winter Come”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Richard March’s song “Let the Winter Come,” the title track from his forthcoming album. The album was recorded and engineered by Matt Baxter, with album mixes by Justin Farren, and it was mastered by Eric Broyhill. The song will be available on June 30.

“Let the Winter Come” is Richard March on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Tyler Ragle on bass and harmony vocals; Steve Randall on electric guitars; Brian Steckler on piano and organ; and Larry Schiavone and Charlie Serrano on drums.

The video was created by Orri Olson.  The song’s gentle calling for the beauty of winter is matched by the beautiful drawings as the video unfolds. It’s a perfect match.  Listen in the the North American heat of the summer, and let Richard March fill you with nostalgia for the crisp cool winter breezes.

Fall and winter are my creative months. A chill in the air and the smell of a hearth fire grounds me, and invigorates my imagination. Summertime to me is an unrooted, unfocused stretch of days

“Let The Winter Come” is my ode to California winters (This isn’t a North Dakotan pining for wintertime :-)). I was born in San Francisco and spent the first 10 years of my life on a foggy hill, just south of the city. In fact there were a couple months out of the year when we could play hide and seek on the school field, using nothing but the misty cloak as our cover.

I moved to Sacramento in 2000. Gone were the cool, coastal climes of my youth. Instead of a few hot days a year, I was introduced to dry ‘don’t exert yourself’ heat for weeks at a time. Of course, it’s a dry heat, but to a child of the fog, it was heat nonetheless. And so I say… “Let the winter come…make me feel at home.” — Richard March

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