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Song Premiere: Cowboy Dave “287”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Cowboy Dave’s song “287” from his forthcoming album Venture South. Venture South was produced and mixed by John Macy, with additional recording by Loren Dorland and vocal post-production by Stephen Leiweke. It was mastered by Mark Fuller with album artwork by Nick Bensch.

Musicians on “287” are Cowboy Dave Wilson on vocals and acoustic guitar; Eugene Moles on acoustic and electric guitar; Leslie Brown on bass; Jim Christie on drums; and
Hank Singer on fiddle. Catchy as all get-out and immediately striking a familiar Western classic chord, this song sounds like a long lost Bakersfield classic, but newly produced.

We thought ‘287’ would be the perfect single to kick off the record, as it’s a hard-driving, open-road song born on a highway just outside of Amarillo, Texas. This sets the stage for the rest of the album, which really explores some of the tales, trepidations and beauty of the American West. The song launches in with a sharp, driving telecaster lick by Eugene Moles, who — in my mind — is the exact guy you want playing the notes that evoke a westbound trip on a dusty stretch of asphalt. If it sounds like you’re headed toward Bakersfield, that’s all Eugene. I had a vibe in my head for how I envisioned the intro, and I hummed it to Eugene in the control room. He took it and really made it sing. Hank Singer later doubled it on fiddle to bring it all together.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing this record to the world right now, as it’s been in a work-in-progress for a bit. My Colorado-based road band has put in a lot of miles — both physically and creatively — to see these songs to fruition. We’re excited to get back on the road with a new batch of tunes that we feel really exemplify who we are today. — Cowboy Dave (Wilson)

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