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Song Premiere: Steven Bowers “The Nothingness”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Steven Bowers’ song “The Nothingness” from his forthcoming album.  The album was produced by Steven Bowers and Jason Mingo and is due to be released in November. This song will be available on all digital platforms Feb 22, 2023.

Musicians on “The Nothingness” are Steven Bowers on acoustic and electric guitars; Jaya Bremer on backing vocals; Jason Mingo on bass and lead guitars; Pat Lyons on pedal steel; and Luke O’Kelley on drums.

The lyric video was filmed on an early morning drive through the town of High Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Pedal steel and acoustic strings framed by a vivid sunset from the road — nostalgia and timelessness characterize this song. “We want to go around the sun again/On a rock nobody threw/Into the emptiness/I found you here/What are the odds of this/You’ll always be the everything/In the nothingness.” Bowers reaches into the profound on this one.

This song started a few years back. It was shaping up to be a song about wanting to have more time. I had put it on the back burner until recently. The rest of the lyrics started taking shape following bedtime conversations with my five year old daughter. Out of nowhere she’s terrified about death. Not really knowing how to respond, I just gave her everything. I told her how some folks believe in Heaven, how some think we’ll come back as birds/animals, how the Cree believe in the Creator. Later that night I found myself listening to a podcast from physicists saying the universe is most likely headed for a heat death and then nothingness. Out of those conversations came the idea that no matter what turns out to be right, there’s comfort in being here together. — Steven Bowers

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