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Limelight: Scott & Sabrina “Blessed”

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Scott & Sabrina have a recent EP out, Blessed, that’s gotten some great traction and positive response from their Southern rock ‘n roll fans.  The Ep ranges from country through a taste of indie pop, always with a Southern rock, electric band base.

“Kiss You Forever” is a soulful love song with an acoustic guitar set-up as the band then sets up all around them.   “Runaway” is more of a powerful song of struggle — and that feeling when you just want to leave it all behind.  Here’s the video version:

“I’m Gonna Love You” is a country style song with pedal steel, and emotional call and response vocals.  “Home,” also is a mournful countrified love song, with a strong, believable vocal, and melodious pedal steel and keyboard plucks.

“Soulmate” delves into the pop zone with a bouncy effect.  Quite a listenable, likable project.

Find the music and more information here: 

And also on Spotify, here:


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