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Song Premiere: Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs “Sunshine”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs’ song “Sunshine,” from their forthcoming EP Know No Leash. Know No Leash is due to be released on January 23. Coleman Jennings produced the album.

“Sunshine” is Coleman Jennings on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Finn Dickens on piano; Jake “Jenko” Boswell on drums; and Bob Troyer on bass.

The guitar licks sound just like sunshine on this song that then pops into a catchy, finger snapping number.  But beneath the relatability of the music is a message from Coleman Jennings — seize the day, and while you’re there, appreciate the best music that’s come before you.

“Sunshine” was created as a tribute to the Allman Brothers – as the song attempts to hold that same uplifting energy so apparent in “Jessica.” In the creation of the song, I found virtually no hiccups or speed bumps. The song came out of me so easily… as if the song already existed and I was just lucky to have been a vessel to put it out into the universe. I think this is the case for a lot of our music. Sometimes a song will just appear in my hands or in my mouth like it was a gift. I don’t think I have any sort of creative knack or special amount of musical proficiency. I think I’m just lucky to have somehow found the songs that I have. The acoustic piano solo and electric guitar harmonies are clear tributes to the Allman Brothers. Even the title being “Sunshine” is a play on the Allman Brothers song “Soulshine.” — Coleman Jennings

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