The Young Fables

REVIEW: “Pages” by The Young Fables Hits You Right in the Feels


The Young Fables is a duo comprising Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford. Wright got her first real break when she won the Texaco Country Showdown at age 16. In addition to the prize money, Wright also won the opportunity to perform on the Ryman Auditorium stage. Sometime after that, she met Lunsford. The two realized a connection and began making music together. Music veterans took notice of the duo. One of those was Sheryl Crow, who tweeted “Laurel’s as good as any country singer out there.”

On the first two albums, Wright and Lunsford showed that they can create lovely country duets with amazing harmonies. The new album Pages shows an expansion of sound for the band while still maintaining what makes them noticeable. The album was written as a way for Wright to process the sudden deaths of both her father and her sister. As a result, it’s an emotional album that makes the harmonies seem even sweeter.

“Wonder If We Did” is a good example of the expansion of the sound on the new album. With the warm sounds of the organ, this one seems like it was influenced by The Allman Brothers Band. That’s not the only similarity to the Allmans. The instrumental break includes a riff that would make Dickie Betts proud.

The organ is prominent throughout the album. It frequently lends a Muscle Shoals sort of sound to the songs. Fittingly,  in “House of the Lord”, the organ and the backing vocals behind Wright’s soulful vocals combine to give the song a gospel feel.

“Over You” is another example of the band moving beyond mellow Americana duets. This one features a mandolin as well as a guitar part that leans more toward rock than a lot of their previous songs. While Wright’s vocals are always good, they seem even prettier when she hits the higher notes in this song.

“She Was Mine” was written about Wright’s sister. The melody is fittingly melancholy. Then you hear the line, “I’ve been busy comforting everyone, but I’m tired of faking smiles” and it hits like an elbow to the sternum. The lyrics come across as sort of a prayer when she sings, “I don’t need all the answers, but I could use a sign.”

One thing is certain on this album. The Young Fables know how to create an evocative melody and lovely harmonies. Wright’s voice is the perfect vehicle to deliver the emotion in this collection of songs. Of course, Wright could sing the text in a chemistry book and make it sound good. If you’re looking for well-crafted songs that will make you feel something, look no further than Pages by The Young Fables. The album is available everywhere now. Order your copy here.

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