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Video Premiere: Pi Jacobs “Weed and Wine”

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Pi Jacobs — “Weed and Wine”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Pi Jacobs’ song “Weed and Wine,” which was produced by Pi Jacobs; engineered by Jason Hiller and Pi Jacobs; mixed by Eric Corne at Forty Below Studios in Los Angeles.  It was mastered by Mark Chalecki for Little Red Book Mastering, Los Angeles.

“Weed and Wine” is Pi Jacobs on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar; Butch Norton on drums and percussion; Zack Hall on bass and backing vocals; Adam Hall on acoustic guitar, dobro, and backing vocals; and Celia Chaves and Kel Pritchard on backing vocals.

The video was directed and edited by Fernando Cordero for Industrialism Films.  It features Pi Jacobs, Kel Pritchard, Celia Chavez, Adam Hall, Zack Hall, and Butch Norton.  The arrangement features harmony vocals that hearken back to powerful 60s styles, as the song highlights the yin and yang of freedom, weed, and wine.  Pi Jacobs sings of Mother Nature’s bounty against a backdrop of expansive timeless music.  And the video brings the visions home.

I wrote the original “Weed and Wine” for my acoustic album, A Little Blue (2017). The second I wrote it, I knew it was a profound snapshot of my early life, and I often introduce the song by saying “let’s get to know each other.” The original version is a melancholy, nostalgic waltz. It portrays the most difficult aspects of growing up a “hippie” kid: of being radically outside of society, and the terrifying sense of “no rules.” But of course, things are never black and white, and as adults, we can look back and appreciate the nuances.

Stuck at home for the pandemic, I had a lot of time to reflect about the sweet and treasured aspects of my childhood, as well as the darkness. I was surprised to find that these opposing feelings easily coexist. I started to appreciate it was a gift to spend my early years engulfed in music, theater, dance, art, nature, intellectualism, and freedom. I began to have a little gratitude for the crazy journey I’ve been on since I arrived!

This new version of “Weed and Wine” is a 4 on the floor PARTY song, but it’s more than that. It’s the healing of bonding with friends. It’s the freedom of allowing ourselves to just be. It’s the moment we realize we are a part of Mother Nature. Most of all, it’s the joyfulness of simply living. There are two sides to every story. I like both sides of this one, and I hope you will too. — Pi Jacobs

Order the music here: https://smithmusic.ffm.to/662582862126_pijacobs_weedandwineremix


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