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Video Premiere: Charlie Treat “Motor Motor”

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Charlie Treat

Charlie Treat photo by Taylor Ann Bogner

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Charlie Treat’s song “Motor Motor” from his forthcoming release Wild Mystic Mountain. The album is due to be available on November 18. Wild Mystic Mountain was produced by Geoff Saunders; engineered by Ben Sanders; and mixed by Jesse Thompson, Fatback Studio, Nashville. It was recorded at Barn Fire Studio in Nashville. 

“Motor Motor” is Charlie Treat on rhythm guitar and vocals; Geoff Saunders on upright bass; Oliver Bates Craven on mandolin; Nate Leath on fiddle; and Frank Evans on banjo.  This song leads off with a fast pace reminiscent of pirates outrunning the navy over the crashing waves — or, more accurately, of outlaw rum runners racing away over the landscape, from the law.  On that foundation of adrenaline, this song launches the spirit of the chase with vocal croons flying over the top.  Motor motor, don’t fail us now.  The video with gritty live footage was filmed by Jesse Weeden.

Partly inspired by Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “Kokomo Blues” and partly inspired by old moonshining songs, “Motor Motor” is a whisky runner’s desperate last plea to his engine and he tries in vain to escape the police — Charlie Treat

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