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Video Premiere: Steven Keene “Wicked Messenger”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Steven Keene’s cover of Bob Dylan’s song “Wicked Messenger.” The song was produced by Steven Keene; engineered and mixed by Joseph D’Maio; and mastered by Leon Zervos. The single was released Sept. 16, 2022, via Reviver Records.

Like a doomsday balladeer, narrating the strange set and setting for the bad trip that has characterized the last couple of years for everyone around the globe, Keene once again taps into the universal mind to conjure cinematic images of our psychic journey through a dystopian Coney Island Noir with “Wicked Messenger.”  Below is the video for the song.

Musicians on this recording of “Wicked Messenger” are Steven Keene on vocals and acoustic guitar; Joseph Chiarolanza on bass; Joseph Napolitano on pedal steel; Matt O’Ree on guitar; Rich Scannella on drums; and Arne Wendt on keys.  Keene sings in a shadowy echo of Bob Dylan’s style as he creates a full-bodied shadowy vignette of the tale.

One of my favorite Bob Dylan tunes. The lyrics will take you places you’ve never dreamed of. — Steven Keene

Find the music to stream and order for yourself, here: http://orcd.co/k0qlxq9

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