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Video Premiere: Andrea Magee “Long Long Road”

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Andrea Magee — “Long Long Road”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Andrea Magee’s song “Long Long Road,” from her forthcoming album Belfast Girl, which is due to be released on September 23.  Belfast Girl was produced by Andrea Magee and Dave Scher; engineered and mixed by Stuart Sullivan; and mastered by Chris Athens.  It was recorded at Wire Studios in Austin, Texas.

“Long Long Road” is Andrea Magee on vocals, harmonies, flute, and acoustic guitar; Dave Scher on acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and organ; John Fremgen on bass and Brannen Temple on drums.

The music video was directed and produced by Ray Sisters Film.  There’s little more soothing to the should than flute tones and a horse in a meadow.  That’s the visual setting for the video for this open-hearted folk song by Andrea Magee.  “It’s a long long road to Belfast City, and I have built my home across the Atlantic Sea,” and we are cradled at once in both homesickness and renewal.  

“Long Long Road” is a song longing for unconditional love. Not being able to travel back to my family in Belfast and plug into that feeling of true acceptance during the lockdown period really weighed heavy on my heart and this song was the outcome. My family reminds me who I am at my core, sometimes I drift away and they always pull me back in and remind me where I belong, I really need that connection and this song is a reflection of that. – Andrea Magee

“Long Long Road” is a gorgeously honest song that encourages one to stay the course and follow your dreams , no matter how far they are form their homeland. Andrea’s gentle spirit & bond with animals combines perfectly with her honest tale of missing home in this music video’ – Ray Sisters Film

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