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Video Premiere: Hog Branch “Hog Branch Strut”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Hog Branch’s song “Hog Branch Strut,” a song from their recently released self-titled album. 

The album was recorded and mixed at Ice Cream Factory Studios (Austin) by Matt Parmenter; mastered by Tim Gerron at Gerron Studios (Austin) and produced by Rick Watson and Will Daniel. Additional recording was provided by Michael Bahan at Cascade Studios (Austin), Nick Lewis live at The Boat (Austin), Rubin Nizri at New Record Studios (Jersey City), and Rick Watson at Hog Branch Studio (Austin).

This live video of “Hog Branch Strut” was recorded and mixed at Ice Cream Factory Studios (Austin) by Matt Parmenter.

“Hog Branch Strut” is Rick Watson on bass; Will Daniel on saxophone; Matt Schmidt on electric guitar; Michael Bahan on drums; and Dave Aaronoff on keys. The vide was created by Lupe Moya of LM Media Solutions.  Glide along with the funky groove of “Hog Branch Strut,” and feel all the sensual feels. 

I originally wrote this song as a vocal tune – a love song really – for my wife back when we were dating in NYC in the early 2000s. I demoed it for a great band there called Picnic I was recording with, but then Angela and I got married and moved to Austin in 2004. So this tune really sat dormant for quite awhile until we formed Hog Branch, worked up the instrumental version, and changed the name a couple of times. It’s become a fan favorite and sort’ve our signature tune. There’s a demo version called “Paw Paw Strut” floating around the web, as well as the original vocal demo “(Going on a) Picnic” under my own name for anyone really curious. — Rick Watson

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