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Song Premiere: Hog Branch “Getting to the Groove”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Hog Branch’s song “Getting to the Groove,” from their forthcoming self-titled album.  It was produced by Rick Watson and Will Daniel; recorded and mixed at Ice Cream Factory Studios (Austin) by Matt Parmenter, with additional  recording by Michael Bahan at Cascade Studios, Nick Lewis live at The Boat, Rubin Nizri at New Record Studios, and Rick Watson at Hog Branch Studio. It was mastered by Tim Gerron at Gerron Studios. 

“Getting the the Groove” is Rick Watson on bass and vocals; Will Daniel on vocals, sax, and percussion; Matt Schmidt on electric guitar and vocals; Michael Bahan on drums, percussion, and vocals; Dave Aaronoff on keys and vocals; and Nick Gonzales on electric guitar.

Sometimes you just need to dance hard and shake it all off.  This music by Hog Branch gets you where you need to be in that regard, instantly. “Getting to the Groove” gets you all the way down to it. 

“Getting To The Groove is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ dance tune, celebrating the allure of fun, laughter, and love as pandemic restrictions wane. — Rick Watson

You can order the music here: https://www.dreamlandmusic.org/musicshop


and here: https://www.rickwatsonatx.com/hogbranch



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