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Video Premiere: Steve McCormick “Louisa”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Steve McCormick’s song “Louisa,” the title track from his album just released in June.  In case his name rings a bell, Steve is a member of the band Love Me in the Dark has produced musicians like Amilia K Spicer.

Louisa was produced by Steve McCormick; mixed by Kevin Smith at McCormick Audio; and mastered by Ron Boustead at Resolution Mastering.  The album features original cover art by Jade Alexis with graphic design by Ali Bench.

The song “Louisa” is Steve McCormick on lead vocals, guitar, and piano; Mario Calire on drums; Ricky Cortes on bass; Eddie Baytos on accordion, washboard, and backing vocals; Arlan Oscar on Hammond B3; Heather Donavon on backing vocals; Mark Joseph, Niki J Crawford, and Aneiza Bay on backing vocals.

The lyric video was created by Steve McCormick with pretty and detailed original artwork by Jade Alexis.  “Hey Louisa” is the upswell chorus for this cajun influenced song that’s snappy and captivating — maybe he’s created a new style we can call “snaptivating” —  all rolled together at once.  “How is she gonna do it when the heat is on?”  Turn it up in the summer heat and feel your way to the answer all the way to the ending with McCormick’s celebratory arrangement.

“Louisa” is a very old Steve McCormick song, appearing for the first time on my debut album “Colorline” in 1989. It has been a fan favorite over the years and I wanted to re-record it and make up for shortcomings of the old recording. It features New Orleans natives Ricky Cortes (John Mayall, John Mooney) on bass, and Eddie Baytos (Nervis Brothers) on Accordion and Washboard. The artwork used for the video is the original art for the album, created by Jade Alexis. The female goddess became “Louisa” and we changed the name of the record after the artwork was created, bringing many things “full circle.” Although recorded remotely, during the early days of the pandemic, I worked very hard to create a live New Orleans party vibe. — Steve McCormick

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