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Video Premiere: Manda Mosher “Evil on Evil”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Manda Mosher’s song “Evil on Evil,” produced by Eric Craig and Manda Mosher; engineered and mixed by Eric Craig; and mastered by David Donnelly for DNA Mastering.  The song was recorded at San Fernando Valley Recording and the single will be available for release on August 12.

“Evil on Evil” is Manda Mosher on lead vocal and acoustic guitar; Eric Craig on backing vocals and electric guitar; Aubrey Richmond on violin; Rodney Mollura on bass; Fernando Sanchez on drums.

The video was filmed and edited by Tad Shaffer and Tim Holsinger for Real Good Productions.  Mosher takes a sober perspective on the ironies of violence and harm in the name of a deity.  It’s a slow moving and deeply thoughtful song, memorialized within a video of live musicians against a purple background of hope.  Listen and think.

You blacken the sky, bloody the street
Poison the well, set the locusts in the field
With your hand to God, with your hand to God

It’s disturbing when people harm each other in any way, but especially so when it’s done in the name of righteousness. I co-wrote “Evil On Evil” with New York based singer/songwriter and artist Michael Dickes who also painted the cover art.

The video and audio were recently recorded and filmed live at our home studio, San Fernando Valley Recording. My partner Eric Craig competed the studio just prior to the pandemic which couldn’t have been better timing. It allowed us the opportunity to dig into the recording process. I’m especially honored that Aubrey Richmond joined us on this track. Her beautiful violin playing perfectly supports the mood. — Manda Mosher

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