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Video Premiere: Shelton and Williams “Wasted on the Way”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Shelton and Williams’ versions of Graham Nash’s song “Wasted on the Way.”  The song will appear on their forthcoming album, So Much Time, So Much Love. So Much Time, So Much Love was recorded, mixed and mastered at Eastwood Studio in Cana VA; engineered by Wesley Easter; produced and arranged by: Johnny Williams, JeanetteWilliams, and Jay Shelton.  It was mixed by Wesley Easter, Jeanette Williams, and Jay Shelton, with cover photo by David Johnson and the inside photo by Debbie Thompson.

This version of “Wasted on the Way” is Jeanette Williams on vocals and bass; Jay Shelton on vocals and guitar; Johnny Williams on vocals; Adam Steffey on mandolin; and Gary Hultman on dobro.

The video was produced by Johnny Williams.  This song intrinsically exemplifies the easy capacity for reflection on wishing we had done it right sooner.  Shelton and Williams supply an easy sweetness in their music, and extend it to their interpretation.  And the video supplies a nostalgic, natural backdrop for the experience.

Our first knowledge of ‘Wasted on the Way,’ written by Graham Nash, was the performance by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The song is a reflection of life as it passes by, asking questions each of us think of from time to time. When choosing songs for our project this song came to mind at the beginning. It features the band’s three part harmony. This is what we are known for, so it was a natural fit.

In these challenging times, our thoughts are often pulled in many unsettling directions. We were drawn to the message in this song which reminds us – don’t wait to do the things that make you happy. Treasure precious time with loved ones. Let’s stop wasting our time and our love, and get to the business of living! — Johnny Williams

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  1. I did Not like the song ……..I LOVED IT! My gosh this sounds so nice. I saw Crosby Stills and Nash perform this live several times before and I know those guys would love this version of their song . I absolutely enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to your next performance.

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