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Song Premiere: Alice DiMicele “Alone”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Alice DiMicele’s song “Alone,” from her forthcoming album Every Seed We Plant, produced by Bret Levick and Alice DiMicele.  Every Seed We Plant will be available on March 11.

“Alone” is Alice DiMicele on acoustic guitar and vocals, Barry Phillips on cello, and Bret Levick on backing vocals.

The video was filmed by Jeff Burlingham and edited by Malik Ishtiaq.  Alice DiMicele’s direct style is drawn into the fore in this dramatic black & white footage. It’s a very chilly, haunting portrayal of aloneness that really conjures the core of depression.

“Alone” speaks to deep depression. I wrote the song for a dear friend who was struggling with mental and physical health issues and depression was overtaking her. Unfortunately, I never got to play it for her as she disappeared a couple of weeks after I wrote this. It’s a difficult song for me, but I do feel it’s important to reach out to each other in our darkest times. Sometimes just having someone sit beside you can help more than words or grand gestures. Just being seen and heard and loved can make all the difference. I hope the song reminds folks to reach out and just simply be a presence for someone who is depressed. We can’t fix it, but we can make sure that we aren’t alone through it. — Alice DiMicele

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