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Favorite Albums of March 2022

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Favorite Albums of March 2022

The results from the readers’ vote for favorite March 2022 releases are in! Congratulations top dozen! The top five will be featured at the top of our new AH playlist “New Americana Music” this month, here:

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Playlist: Back Roads

Playlist: Downstate on Apple Music

Playlist: Heartbreak City

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And now, for the top winners of the March ’22 poll, here:

3) Jason Lee McKinney “One Last Thing”

4) Nero Simon and the Sunsetters “Treasure Chest”

5) Jack Barksdale “Death of a Hummingbird”

6) Alice DiMicele “Every Seed We Plant”

7) Rhyan Sinclair “Letters to Aliens”

8) Beau Jennings “Heavy Light”

9) Dolly Parton “Run, Rose, Run”

10) Band of Horses “Things are Great”

11) Ray Wylie Hubbard “Co Starring Too”

12) The Weeping Willows “Reap What You Sow”

Congratulations Favorite Albums of March 2022. We offer this vote every single month, so you can always check for new music and then vote for your personal favorites.  Then vote, month after month!

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