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Video Premiere: Mark Winters “Boundary Layer”

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Mark Winters — “Boundary Layer”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Mark Winters’ song “Boundary Layer,” the title track from his album due to be released on March 11.

“Boundary Layer” is Mark Winters on vocals, guitars and bass; Isaias Gil on drums; and Chris Winters on backing vocals.  With footage of ribbons and a stage gig, there’s plenty of visual excitement in the video to accompany.  Mark Winters’ “Boundary Layer” will put you in the high frequency energy state to feel ultra confident to release your old boundaries.

I was inspired to write this song as I struggled with some new boundaries in my life as a musician. We all have limits society puts on us (and we put on our selves) that keep us from being who we are meant to be. For me growing up that was being smaller than others, or not the right mind set or skin color to pursue some of my passions. I’m also a science guy, and thought of boundary layers that are also found along the surface of objects, when particles slow down and under pressure start moving in a new direction (I always like combining science, poetry and music in my creations). The song is my muse to keep soaring higher and faster to break through my limits and believe in myself. — Mark Winters

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