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Song Premiere: Scott Martin “Absence of Angels”

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Scott Martin — “Absence of Angels”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Scott Martin’s song “Absence of Angels,” from his forthcoming album Corner of the World, due to be available in February.  The song will be released on November 5th.   The album was produced by Scott Martin and Michael Henchman.

“Absence of Angels” is Scott Martin on acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, and orchestration; Michael Henchman on electric guitar, vocals, percussion, sound design,and keyboard/synth; David Schwartz on upright bass; Ed Berghoff on  dobro and mandolin; and Pete Damore on banjo.   “The Absence of Angels” is a bright song with a careful production of crystal clear layers for your enjoyment.  The lyrics tell a tale of hope at the highest levels.

“The Absence of Angels” is a love note of sorts to our country. I wrote it with my friend Daniel Neihoff in April of 2020. I get worried that we can’t talk with each other anymore, and that when we try, it ends up in a lot of yelling. The song is a reflection on where we’ve been, and hopes for the future. — Scott Martin

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