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Video Premiere: Mark Newman “Tulsa”

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Mark Newman — “Tulsa”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Mark Newman’s song “Tulsa,” which was co-written with Walter Roberti as a commemoration of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.  This event was made widely known in particular this year as the celebration of Juneteenth in June because a national event.  “Tulsa” was released on June 19th.

“Tulsa” is Mark Newman on slide guitar and vocals; Walter Roberti on guitar and bass; and Shawn Murray on drums.

The video was created by George Panagakos (525 Media).  As Newman sings, “I was riding into Tulsa, used to be my hometown.  Been digging for days through all that remains, ’cause they burned it to the ground.”   The video shows black and white footage of the era, with the somber song playing out the story.  A lot of sinister slide guitar sets the mood in an undeniable way.

It’s amazing how a community could disappear and never come back. We never learned about this in school. Now it would all be over the news in living color. — Mark Newman

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