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Video Premiere: Bob Perry “On and On”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Bob Perry’s song “On and On,” from his new album, A World Like This. A World Like This was produced and mixed by Perry at his Chrometop Studio. Recordings took place at Think Tank, Chrometop Studio and in musicians’ homes. The album is available now on Bandcamp and streaming platforms everywhere. In his self-produced and edited video, Perry filmed himself and his wife Stephanie at various locations near their home in Ringwood NJ.

The song “On and On” features Frank Vilardi (Bacon Brothers, Mar-Tays) on drums, Chris Flynn (Crash Combo, Deni-Bonet) on acoustic and electric 12 string guitars, Ray Nissen on Hammond Organ, Stephanie Seymour (Birdy, Aquanettas) on harmony vocals, and Bob Perry (Winter Hours) on acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, bass guitar, and lead vocals.

The video captures real footage of Bob Perry in outdoor scenes with dirt roads and bits of the American countryside, edited together with scenes of Bob Perry and Stephanie Seymour singing and playing the refrains of the love song.  This is a palpably real song and a delight to listen to.

“On and On” is a love song about growing older and the twists and turns along life’s journey. The line in the song “Things I thought so important yesterday, never mattered anyway” serves as a reminder to me that life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned it, so be thankful for the good things. I thought about that a lot while working on this album. I had been thinking about recording some new songs, and then the pandemic happened. Like everyone, my wife, Stephanie Seymour, and I were confined to our home. So instead of recording with a band in the same room, I reached out to players that could record themselves in their homes.

I recorded a couple of reference guitar and vocal tracks, and I sent audio files to the musicians while I worked on recording lead vocals and Stephanie’s harmonies. For the most part, I left it up to each player to create their parts, giving only basic instructions via email and phone conversations. It is an interesting way to work, not hearing the music as it is being played, but receiving the finished performances and assembling them together. I prefer playing together with people, but sometimes you have to get creative to get the job done. –Bob Perry

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