Video Premiere: Erick Beau “Coming Home”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Erick Beau’s song “Coming Home.”  The song is from Erick Beau’s forthcoming album, What it Takes, which was co-produced by Erick Beau and Michael Benjoar. The album will available in May 2021.

“Coming Home” is Erick Beau on vocals; Andy Ellison on banjo, guitar and electric guitar; Liam Ward on harmonica; and  Max Pollack on bass guitar.

The video was created by Erick Beau and MJ Michaud.   “Coming Home” can take many forms and this song does a fantastic job of highlighting them.  Erick Beau’s music gets inside your head and sets up a grooving catharsis.  Check it out.  

“Coming Home” was inspired when I was stranded away from home for 8 weeks and how I was longing to get back home. It made me think about backpackers, students and people in the Armed Forces, how they can’t wait to get back home. — Erick Beau

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