Video Premiere: Brad Brooks Documentary “God Save The City”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere, a mini documentary interview on Brad Brooks, on the making of his album God Save The City.  God Save The City was produced by Adam Rossi & Brad Brooks at AR Audio; and was mixed by Adam Rossi, Craig Schumacher, and Jerry Becker. Musicians on the album God Save The City include Brad Brooks on vocals and harmonica; Erik Schramm on guitars; Pie Fiorentino on guitars and violin; Adam Rossi on keys; Andrew Griffin on drums; Joey Dibono on bass; Vicki Randle on background vocals and percussion; and Loralee Christensen on background vocals.  Guests on the album were Ralph Carney on horns; Jerry Becker on guitar and keys; Laela Peterson-Stolen on viola; Patty Espeseth on cello; and  Shay Scott on piano.

The “Hard Road” video was produced by Tommy Rickard and Kari Zanotto; edited by Brian Zalewski and Scott Limanek; with Steve Krespel on sound and Steve Knox on camera.  A glorious American story with ups and downs, this video is mesmerizing.  Who is William Faulkner?  Brad Brooks’ album is a work of art.  Sample it as you watch the story unfold.

Just as the songs for “God Save The City” started to take shape a routine trip to the dentist revealed a lump in my throat which turned out to be cancer and the treatment could have taken away my voice as well as my livelihood forever. When the “Hard Road” folks kindly asked me if they could document my cancer journey I just wanted to make sure that we were able to document all of it, get to the reality of what it was like, and also shine a light on the fact that it’s happening more and more. I was very lucky in how it turned out and will always be eternally grateful for the folks that helped me along way and how the story was treated. I hope that it inspires you as well. Twins/Cancer/Rock n Roll. — Brad Brooks

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The Hard Road, Episode 1…Brad Brooks from The Hard Road on Vimeo.

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