Song Premiere: Rue Snider “Spinning”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Rue Snider’s song “Spinning” from his forthcoming album Puzzle Pieces, due to be available this winter.  Puzzle Pieces was written by Rue Snider, produced and engineered by Jon Estes, mixed by Phil Joly, and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova. “Spinning” is vocal Rue Snider on vocals, all other instruments by Jon Estes, drum programming Jon Estes, album cover photo by Amanda Brown. 

 “Spinning” is the second single to be released from the record — the first was “David Bowie’s Clothes.”
“Spinning” will be available on Wednesday 10/21. We’ve all been in the head-spinning space of rejection and mortality, and Rue Snider captures that precisely.  After the reeling and the pain-numbing is over, the sun can finally come out again, and Snider delivers this glorious message in a blend of the very personal and the absolutely universal. Good song, good music. 

‘Spinning’ is a Gospel song for atheists. It moves through the seasons of life over four verses starting with a broken heart and ending with an acceptance of death. The chorus is a secular hymn. It’s very specifically my story, more than anything I’ve written. — Rue Snider

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Rue Snider · Spinning

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