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Song Premiere: Domenic Cicala “Bitter Blues”

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Domenic Cicala – “Bitter Blues”

Americana Highways bring you this premiere of Domenic Cicala’s song “Bitter Blues” from his forthcoming album, which is due to be released in early 2024.  This song, however, will be available this week on November 17th. The music was co-produced by Domenic Cicala and Steve Carr; and engineered and mastered by Steve Carr. Photography on the album is courtesy of Domenic.

“Bitter Blues” is Domenic  on vocals; Blair Hogan on guitar; Tiffany Shanta on violin; Eric Selby on drums; and Mark Noone on bass.

Wouldn’t it be great if people could go their separate ways sometimes with no hard feelings?  This is what’s explored here in “Bitter Blues”:  “Think I’ve learned a thing or two / It’s about damn time / I hope you find your way / And I hope that I’ll find mine.”

“Bitter Blues” is the story of a love that has reached an impasse. Not fully committed to ending, but not seeing much hope moving forward.

“Bitter Blues” was a finalist award winning song in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. – Domenic Cicala

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