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Song Premiere: Andrew Weiss “Fear of Dying in Las Vegas”

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Andrew Weiss – “Fear of Dying in Las Vegas”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Andrew Weiss’ song “Fear of Dying in Las Vegas,” from his forthcoming album Beverly Hills, Thanksgiving Day.  The album, due to be available on November 17, was written and produced by Andrew; mixed by Andrew Weiss and Will Harris; and mastered by Will Borza. Album art was courtesy of Sarah Gallina. “Fear of Dying in Las Vegas” will be released October 20th

“Fear of Dying in Las Vegas” is Andrew Weiss on lead and backing vocals, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, electric piano, percussion, and drum machine; Sam Popkin on acoustic and electric guitars; and Sara Barsky-Weiss on backing vocals. An ode to Las Vegas stories and films, characters and “my life is not a wide shot, it’s a close-up,” this song is catchy and original.   The sound is clear and bright, and the analysis of Las Vegas’ characters living their lives while dodging villanies, corruptions and transgressions rings true.

I read the book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” by Hunter S. Thompson for the first time last year, around the same time I watched Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” film. Both experiences were compelling. I have never been to Las Vegas before, which means my only impressions of the place come from the media. Though the protagonists in the book and film never explicitly said so, I picked up the idea that perhaps these characters acted in certain manners because they were afraid of dying in Las Vegas, the location for both of the protagonists’ life altering events. Las Vegas is a clear symbol of life, but also home to many vices at the same time. The dichotomy is intriguing and can drive anyone mad trying to figure out how to exist long-term between the two. Around the time of recording “Fear of Dying in Las Vegas,” I only felt like listening to Jeff Lynne productions, including Paul McCartney’s Flaming Pie album, which naturally seemed to inform the production decisions for this song. – Andrew Weiss

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