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Song Premiere: Andrew Weiss “Tommy’s Teardrops”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Andrew Weiss’ song “Tommy’s Teardrops,” from his forthcoming album Sunglass and Ash, due to be released on June 24. All songs on Sunglass & Ash were written and produced by Andrew Weiss; mixed by Andrew Weiss and Will Harris; and mastered by Eric Boulanger at Bakery Mastering.

“Tommy’s Teardrops” is Andrew Weiss on lead vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, electric guitar, drums, tambourine, and handclaps; Alex Jules on piano; Jack Hoffman on Moog; Jesse Kessler on organ; and 
Jake Albi on backing vocals.  There’s a decidedly Beatlesesque intro to this song, and then it opens into the expanse of heartland rock.  Nice combination.  You can feel the breezes on your face from the open car window, somehow, in the music. It’s an instant classic.  

This song is a personal favorite of mine. Around the time this song was written, I had been listening to Fountains of Wayne, 80s Paul McCartney, and Elvis Costello on constant rotation, and I’d say that this song accurately reflects those influences. Lyrically, the song is semi-autobiographical, with the names changed out to Tommy and Heather. I had the title “Tommy’s Teardrops” for a while and during quarantine when I had time to go back to some of the titles I had accumulated, I started working on it. It took a full day on and off to finish this song, and when I played it to my wife later that night, she stood up and applauded after it was over. It was the first time she had done that after I showed her one of my songs in the writing process, and of course it was very encouraging. — Andrew Weiss

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