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REVIEW: Maureen Toth “Chiaroscuro”


Maureen Toth – Chiaroscuro

Maureen Toth has a new EP out, Chiaroscuro (which means the sharp contrast of darkness and light, in Italian and referred to Italian artists) .  This album was released last month and was produced by Carlos Calvo, engineered and mixed by Paul Smith, and mastered by Evran Goknar.  Cover art for the album was courtesy of Nathan Hope.

“Liars” has a hypnotic rhythm driving to lines like “Lie to me / So I just can’t see… / It’s a cynical game / To manufacture pain / Stop and ask yourself /What do they gain.” Food for thought in today’s political climate especially.  This song is an eye opened, especially if it finds the right audience.

“Con Te” is a thoughtful song in Italian.  With you, my love – “con te il mio amore.”

“Owl” is a song of the way pain can weigh you down, and how a lover can lift the pain.  And then, where did that go? “I don’t know.”

“Don’t go Near the Water” (a Johnny Cash cover) is a dark choice and a great song.  When water isn’t water anymore.

Maureen Toth makes music that has a little bit of a dark musical tinge underneath the lyrics.  There’s a little bit of an icy chill even when there’s warmth.  Something vast, like the cover art.  Contrasts, like a Rafael painting.

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Musicians on the EP are Maureen Toth on vocals; Carlos Calvo on guitar, instrumentals, and vocals; and Marc Slutsky on drums and percussion.

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