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Video Premiere: C. Daniel Boling “Bearspray and Barbwire”

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C. Daniel Boling – “Bearspray and Barbwire”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of C. Daniel Boling’s song “Bearspray and Barbwire” from his recently release album featuring Tom Paxton, New Old Friends.  The album was engineered and mixed by Jono Manson at The Kitchen Sink Recording
Studio in Santa Fe. It was co-produced by Jono Manson & C. Daniel Boling, and mastered by David Glasser at AirShow in Boulder, Colorado.

“Bearspray and Barbwire” is C. Daniel Boling on guitar and vocals; and Jon Gagan on upright bass.

The video was edited and produced by C. Daniel Boling – Perfectly Stable Music – danielboling.com The raw video footage was by Jono Manson & C. Daniel Boling at The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio in Santa Fe, NM; and in the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, NM.

This song is a old-style folk song story about a real life incident involving what the title says: bearspray and barbwire.  “Keep your backside off the barbwire and your bearspray in the can.”  A fun little ditty and very entertaining as the tale unfolds.  Based on a true story, we hear.

This incident is funny looking back, and Tom and I had a ball turning it into a song, but at the time it was really pretty scary. Bear spray is not pleasant stuff! I’m a LOT more careful now when I’m carrying bearspray and barb wire at the same time. All the critter clips are from motion-activated cameras I maintain in our lovely Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, and there are more highlights at DanielBoling.com under “Uncle Dan’s Critter Cam.” Hiking these mountains and keeping track of the wildlife takes me back to my days as a National Park Ranger … several decades ago. – C. Daniel Boling

Find the music and more here: https://danielboling.com/buy-cds-books-t-shirts-donate

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1 thought on “Video Premiere: C. Daniel Boling “Bearspray and Barbwire”

  1. Dear Dan’l
    I want to compliment you on your exquisitely foreseeable last line (we all love those because we can come out of nowhere and sing along with them); and your bright, clean, spread-out final chord (not all of our finger joints cooperate that way) and lastly on the way the front wave of your hair behaves in front (my hairline is rising and thinning and there is NO direction I can aim a brush that it doesn’t end up looking like a deliberate comb-over.)

    Mazel tov on your MTV career. Must have been a gas to make a video—in your underwear, yet!

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