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Video Premiere: Rees Shad “Mustard in the Gravy”

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Rees Shad – “Mustard in the Gravy”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Rees Shad’s song “Mustard in the Gravy” from his forthcoming album Six Strings and a Story, due to be available on October 3. Six Strings and a Story was recorded by Paul Antonell & mixed by Doug Ford.

“Mustard in the Gravy” is an acoustic performance of Rees Shad on guitar and vocals.  The video was filmed by Lindsey Morano and edited by Sway Design. “Cakes upon the griddle, coffee in a bottomless cup… it’s the oldest family recipe shared with every generation… mama’s making sure you’re fed so you can do what you need to do.”   This song is replete with metaphors for the forgotten supporters and nurturers of generations an through history.  Nicely done, lively and significant.

This song was inspired by Anna Tubbs’ incredible book “The Three Mothers,” in which she helps to resurface and restore the stories of women who influenced their sons’ impactfullness on American history. The song talks about the foundational influence of a mother and her nurturing of family as the corner stone of social justice. Mother’s have historically been erased from the narrative. We were taught all about the founding fathers, but we don’t know of ANY founding mothers do we? But they undoubtedly have always played a major part in history. We need to look for that history and teach it to our children. – Rees Shad

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