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Song Premiere: Charlotte Morris “Time Will Tell”

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Charlotte Morris – “Time Will Tell”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Charlotte Morris’ song “Time Will Tell” from her forthcoming album Wild Child. Wild Child was produced by William Gawley, engineered and mixed by Bryce Roberts with assistant engineer Josh Emmons.  It was mastered by Sage Audio.

“Time Will Tell” is Charlotte Morris on vocals and backing vocals; Wayne Killius on drums; Dow Tomlin and Dave Francis on bass; David Flint on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard and mandolin. Languid and dreamy, Charlotte floats you along a river of dreamy nostalgia.  Optimism abounds — what will happen if we take a chance?  what do you want to know?  We’ve all been there.  Fingers crossed that it lasts.

“Time Will Tell” is a song that strays from my usual style of writing – it has some almost jazz elements, some Johnny Mercer whistling; to me, it evokes the nostalgia and comfort of a past era. I wrote this song after a first date; a GREAT first date. At that point, there were no expectations, just smiles, little laughs, and awkward questions. But the conversation flowed, one hour turned to two turned to three. It was a gorgeous early summer night in Nashville; not too hot with a light breeze. And at the end of the date, we went our separate ways with a glimmer of hope that maybe it could be something – but only time would tell.
Spoiler alert: it did not become something. But the feeling still rings true. And I think that first little spark of hope after a good date is a relatable feeling for anyone out there trudging through the dating scene. – Charlotte

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