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Video Premiere: Keturah Allgood “Radio”

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Keturah Allgood – “Radio”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Keturah Allgood’s song “Radio” from her recently released album Shine.  Shine was recorded at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville.
It was produced by William Gawley; co-produced by Pat McGrath; mixed with vocal engineering by Bryce Roberts; and tracking engineering by Jared Conrad. Additional background vocals were engineered by Brad Rudolph and recorded at Falling Waters Studio in North Carolina.

“Radio” is Keturah Allgood on vocals and acoustic guitar; Wayne Killius on drums; Dane Bryant on piano and keys; Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin; Dave Francis on bass;  Dave Flint on electric guitar; and Carrie Morrison on background vocals.

The video was directed by William Gawley, produced by Michelle Robertson, and edited by
Samuel Butram as director of photography. The colorist for the film was Almonte Imagery.  The live concert footage was filmed at Headwaters Outfitters, Forks of the River Taproom, with a special thank you to Jessica Whitmire.

“Turn the radio up real loud, so I can drown out every sound.” This line is oh so relatable, and Keturah has a real knack for creating memorable songs, hooky lines and lyrics to stick with you.  The video creates a real life scene of folks just hanging out, parties and images of what can happen, right here in this moment, when we just, as the timeless Paul McCartney said, “let it be.” Check it out and turn it up!

“Radio” was a song I started when I was taking care of my grandparents. They were both in the last years of their lives and it was a great privilege to be able to have that time with them. As it goes with old age, my grandfathers hearing had started to go and he watched the television with the volume cranked to 100. He loved to watch the news and day after day night after night the news pundits would argue about he state of the world and how awful everything was. I found that I could avoid all of this by putting some ear buds in and cranking up the volume of the music I was streaming from some of my favorite local radio stations. It was such a stark difference of reality between the television and the music. The television was spouting hate, how the world was beyond repair and it was just this horrific doom and gloom. Meanwhile, the radio was playing songs like Micheal Franti’s “Sound of Sunshine,” Mavis Staples “You’re Not Alone,” Valerie June’s “Astral Plane.” It just felt like the radio was this salve for the wounds of the world. I started forming the song “Radio” in that moment of realization.

The video for “Radio” was filmed in my hometown Brevard, NC and a little bit over the hill in Asheville! I wanted to do a very organic video that showcased my own set of friends, my own life. It’s the very essence of what I am always trying to get across in my music, that we are not nearly as different as people would like for us to believe we are. Everyone in this video is my friend. We all come from different backgrounds, have different religious and political beliefs but I know that any one of them would be there for me in a heartbeat and I would do the same for them. I hope that the message is clear and I continue to hope for healing and peace to find its way back into all of our lives. — Keturah Allgood

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8/24 – Brevard, NC – 185 King St. (Album release show)
8/28 – URSA Live (livestream) [7pm EST]
8/30 – Nashville, TN – Bluebird Cafe (Charlotte Ave Ent)
9/02 – Brevard, NC – Transylvania Farmer’s Market
9/03 – Rosman, NC – Headwaters (Forks of the River)
9/14 – Glenville, NC – The Local
9/15 – Nashville, TN – 3rd & Lindsley (WMOT Finally Friday)
9/16 – Brevard, NC – Duckpond Pottery
9/21 – Nashville, TN – Eighth Room (Interstate 88)
9/30 – Knoxville, TN – WDVX Blue Plate Special (12pm)
9/30 – Asheville, NC – Grey Eagle (Patio)
10/2 – Hendersonville, NC – The 2nd Act
10/6 – Tuckasegee, NC – Bear Lake Reserve
10/21 – Brevard, NC – Transylvania Farmer’s Market

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