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Video Premiere: Wilson Marks “Collides”

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Wilson Marks – “Collides”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Wilson Marks’ song “Collides” from his forthcoming album Won’t Fit in a Song, which is due to be available on September 1.  Won’t Fit in a Song was recorded, engineered and mixed by Grant Johnson and mastered by Max Lorenzen of Rare Ear.

“Collides” is Josh Flowers on upright bass and Wilson on vocals and guitar.

The video’s looping animation was created by Seela Misra, the lyrics were added into the video by Wilson, and it features an original picture created by Dalle2 based on the lyrics of the song. Wilson Marks provides a step-down, gentle storyteller’s approach to this song of things finally coming together. Oh, finally after all this time.  You now the feeling.  It’s optimistic and peaceful, all the way through until the very last line. That very last line is a killer. Listen and see.

The past few Octobers I’ve written a song-a-day using the prompts from Inktober (inspired by buddy Matt the Electrician) and this is one yielded from that exercise – a short meditation on confluence or when things seem to be coming together. And end up other than expected. — Wilson Marks

You can find the music on Bandcamp or streaming at these links: https://wilsonmarks.bandcamp.com/album/wont-fit-in-a-song



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