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REVIEW: Keturah Allgood “Shine”


Keturah Allgood – Shine

Keturah Allgood has a powerful new album, Shine, produced by William Gawley and co-produced by Pat McGrath.   It was recorded Omni Sound Studios in Nashville, mixed with vocal engineering by Bryce Roberts, and tracked by Jared Conrad.

“Turn the radio up real loud, so I can drown out about every sound.”  Yes Keturah! Excellent idea.  “Music has the power to tear down these walls and bring us all together.”  This album starts off with this almost protest-style song “Radio,” a powerhouse of solution.

“Down the Line” then takes a more somber approach, with fiddles, skirting mortality and “ride this line a little bit further on down the road.”  “Butterfly” asks why do we have to suffer so?  And you’ll feel the tears welling up.

“Peaceful Warriors” is an uplifting, Christian spiritual song, with a reference to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and a strong belief that “Honey we can all be peaceful warriors / We are in this thing together / We can keep the boat from sinking / If we want to / If we just believe it” in beautiful soaring vocals.

“Little Girl” is a comforting ode to the child we once were, the one we often fail to comfort within us now.

The whole enterprise is quite lovely, uplifting, with the best kind of gospel style vocals and gentle instruments arrayed around the vocals.

Musicians on the album are Keturah Allgood on vocal and acoustic guitar; Wayne Killius on drums; Dane Bryant on piano and keys; Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin; Dave Francis on bass; Dave Flint on electric guitar; Deanie Richardson on fiddle.  The background vocals were recorded at Falling Waters Studio, in Pisgah Forest, NC,  engineered by Brad Rudolph.  Background vocalists are Carrie Morrison, Bradford Carson, and Carolyn Bane.

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