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Song Premiere: Christian Parker “Drug Store Truck Driving Man”

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Christian Parker – “Drug Store Truck Driving Man”

Christian Parker Sweethearts

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Christian Parker’s version of the Byrds’ song “Drug Store Truck Driving Man” from his forthcoming album Sweethearts, due out on August 11th. Sweethearts was produced by Christian Parker and Earl Poole Ball; engineered by Ron Keck and Christian; and mastered by Larry Lachmann at Kevorkian Mastering. It was  recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, New York.

The album, which features the 11 songs from Sweetheart of the Rodeo plus 3 more Byrds songs, will be released on August 18th.  Pianist Earl Poole Ball and pedal steel player JayDee Maness play on Parker’s interpretation album; both played on the original record  in 1968.

“Drug Store Truck Driving Man” is Christian Parker on acoustic and B-Bender guitar and vocals; Earl Poole Ball on piano; Gary Jacob on pedal steel guitar; Phil Hurley on backing vocals; Ron Keck on percussion; and Karl Doty on upright bass.

This revision of “Drug Store Truck Driving Man” is whimsical and flowy, with the tinkly honky tonk of the piano keys paired with the swingy pedal steel.  It’s quite fun, talented and delightful.

I always believed this song should have been on Sweetheart of the Rodeo, but it came after. Gary Jacob played pedal steel, and Earl Poole Ball added some honky-tonk piano. It was the last song we recorded, and you can hear the energy! I added another B-bender guitar solo. I love how Earl, Gary, and my acoustic guitar trail into the sunset to conclude the album. For me, this was the ultimate ending I will never forget! — Christian Parker

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