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Video Premiere: The Hello Darlins “Don’t You Fall”

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The Hello Darlins – “Don’t You Fall”

The Hello Darlins
The Hello Darlins top L to R: Brett Ashton, Adam Dowling, Murray Pulver. centre: Candace Lacina. bottom L to R: Mike Little, Kyle Mosiuk. Photographer credit: James May & Libertee May

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of The Hello Darlins’ song “Don’t You Fall” from their forthcoming album The Alders & The Ashes, due to be released in early 2024. The album was produced by Mike Little and Murray Pulver, and engineered by Ross Hogarth (REM).

“Don’t You Fall” is Chad Cromwell (Neil Young) on drums; Bob Glaub (Bob Dylan) on bass; Murray Pulver on acoustic and electric guitar; Russell Broom on electric guitar; Mike Little on Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, and piano; and Candace Lacina on vocals.

The video was produced and directed by Candace Lacina.  The artistic animation lends a sunny atmosphere to this pretty, uplifting song.  Listening to The Hello Darlins will turn your scowl upside down and inspire you to keep going and look far into the future, despite the negative forces.

I wrote this song after a dream. I was watching someone have a conversation with an old tree and they were both saying the same thing to each another: ‘Hold on, friend. You’ve seen so much, but don’t resign, because there is still so much more.’ 

As a society, we’re so obsessed with preserving our youth, but age is just a relative concept. Who didn’t love Romper Room, Mr. Dressup, Mr. Rogers, or Sesame Street? Kindergarten is the age of innocence and imagination—you never think about getting old when you’re five.  Candace Lacina

Order and listen to their music here:

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