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REVIEW: Jason Eady “Mississippi”


Jason Eady – Mississippi

Jason Eady has freshly released an album which is a whole lot of Americana goodness.  Mississippi was produced by Band of Heathens‘ Gordy Quist.

“Way Down in Mississippi” is spectacular.  The easy groove will make you want to dance nice and easy, and the repeated refrain “way down in Mississippi I got the music in my bones, I’ll take you there if you want to come with me, I want to go back home ” is super catchy.  The song puts you in the mood for more immediately.

“Burn It Down” (a co-write with Adam Hood) is a swingy bluesy number “every time things start to go my way, I burn it down like a temple on judgement day.”  Yep.  Sounds familiar.  It’s about now that your hopes for something great are getting higher.

“New Tradition” again sets up another bluesy groove with rich harmonies.   “Wayside” sounds like a freight train coming down the tracks, and is a song about songwriting:   “I start humming this melody It won’t let me stand still.  Mmmm I got a good thing coming,  mmmmm better get it before it’s gone.”

“Mile Over 45” (another co-write with Adam Hood)  is vocally clean and musically stripped down and showcases Eady’s rich sugary tones.  The “Whistle” steps up the pace with double time blues, envelope filters and driving excitement.

Jason Eady has put out a great album, again.  There’s a certain gravitas in his writing in every song that honors his Southern bluesy (and sometimes gospel) roots, from the bare bones to the wild rides.

Musicians on the album are Jason Eady on vocals and acoustic guitar; Dave Jimenez on electric, acoustic, and slide guitars; Trevor Nealon on keyboards and piano; Nick Jay on bass; Clint Simmons on drums; Branden Lewis on trumpet; Courtney Patton and Kelley Mickwee on harmony vocals.

There’s a touch of Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell in the grit of Eady’s vocals, and we are completely hooked.


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