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Video Premiere: Eli Gardiner “Bad Weed”

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Eli Gardiner – “Bad Weed”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Eli Gardiner’s song “Bad Weed” from his recently released album Live in Minneapolis (released on June 3). The songs were recorded live at Aster Cafe in Minneapolis MN by Alchemy Audio, and mixed and mastered by Gardiner Productions.

“Bad Weed” is Eli Gardiner on guitar and vocals; Dan Schwartz on lap steel and guitar;
Greg Schutte on drums; Nick Salisbury on bass; and Kevin Gamble on keys.

This video was produced by Gardiner Productions.  In “Bad Weed,” the blues rock foundation branches out into a heavy hitting blues based song that stands for perseverance and growth, and really makes you think.  Anyone can be a critic, but it takes a lot of strength to forge your own path. The video brings this idea home, with a dark song and dark footage in a dark bar that could be anywhere.  

“Bad Weed” is about struggling to find your own voice, but pressing on, like a stubborn weed through all the negativity and pressure to finally find the fresh air and sunlight. – Eli Gardiner

You can find the music on Bandcamp here:

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